The Russia Forum
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The Russia Forum 2008

A landmark event in Moscow

The Russia Forum 2008 from The Russia Forum on Vimeo.

The Russia Forum is a meeting place, a gathering of people from all over the world who share a desire to exchange ideas in an environment of open discussion and debate. We have created an event conducive to such an environment, one which will allow authoritative participants to highlight and address the key issues that make a difference to our decision making. And as the Putin Presidency comes to a close, there are a host of issues that deserve scrutiny.
We will address social, economic, environmental, political and financial issues over the course of three days and will do so from the standpoint of discussion. Panelists will be given an opportunity to persuade and then defend their views. Moderators will facilitate discussion and debate so that we fully flesh out arguments. We will endeavor to spark and maintain interest across a myriad of topics.