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The Russia Forum 2008

Troika Dialog is launching the Russia Forum, a new platform for discussion of Russia’s investment outlook and formulation of prospects for the oncoming year. The membership, format and venue of the Russia Forum determine its high status, ranking it alongside the most significant annual events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Russian Economic Forum in London, and the International Economic Forum in St Petersburg.

The first Russia Forum will take place on 30-31 January 2008 in Moscow at Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor and will bring together representatives of the international investors community, the Russian political and business elite, public figures and celebrities – all those who currently influence the future of Russia and the world. An unparalleled list of invited speakers, most of whom can be regarded as leading figures in their respective fields, is intended to ensure exciting and meaningful debates, diversity of opinions, and enthusiasm in the topics discussed.

Participants will be offered to choose among several simultaneous panels reflecting the most recent trends in Russia’s business and public life. Challenges of the global economy, growth and decline of markets, the social impact of these changes, Russia's involvement and role in these processes – these are merely a small part of questions on the Forum’s agenda. The event will focus on real Russia and on what is going to happen here in the next few years: high-potential markets, new growth points, development trends and forecasts.

The location of the Forum in Moscow, one of the largest world capitals and a major centre of modern business activity, is meant to emphasise the utmost importance of the event for the country and for international participants. The launch of such a venue is long overdue. It will serve the investment community’s expectations related to the shift in financing priorities and the changing perception of Russia’s role in the global economy.

One problem that we face in this regard is the existing communication gap between investors’ expectations and the requirements of the Russian business community. Investors are no longer ready to pay for future growth blindly and make it no secret that they lack information for balanced decision-making. Russian companies need global-scale investments in order to implement their projects. Market participants require equitable dialogue and brand-new approaches to presentation of data necessary for investment decisions. We need a platform where investors and businesses can rise above competitive interests and "synchronise their watches" in real time. The idea of the Russia Forum is to become such a platform.

What is the Russia Forum?

  • A platform for discussion of Russia’s investment prospects, which is located 300 metres away from the Kremlin walls
  • A meeting point for extraordinary people who influence the future of Russia and the whole world
  • A new format of economic dialogue: interactive panel discussion on topics of the day
  • An opportunity to hear diverse ideas and opinions on various questions of global development
  • A unique opportunity to talk to political leaders, heads of domestic and international companies managing multibillion-dollar assets, media persons, and showbiz celebrities
  • An intense entertainment program representing the diversity and richness of Russian and world culture


The Forum’s objective is to become an information mediator between investors, the Russian business community and the state, and to be able to convert investors’ positive feelings about Russia into certainty and to turn certainty into intentions and firm contracts.

The tasks of the Forum are

  • Launch of a Moscow-based global economic forum opening each financial year
  • Forming a brand-new communication environment for improving interaction between investors and businesses
  • Provision of high-quality market analysis and forecasts for the oncoming financial year.