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Pavel Teplukhin

Managing Director, Troika Dialog Group, Chairman of Troika Dialog Asset Management

Pavel Teplukhin has been President of Troika Dialog Asset Management since 1997. Dr Teplukhin pioneered mutual investment funds and private banking industry in Russia.

Dr Teplukhin has advanced degrees in Economics and Statistics from Moscow State University and holds a Masters of Science degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE). Since 1994 he has been head of the LSE's Moscow office. In 2005,

Dr Teplukhin was ranked number one and in 2006 the Best financial manager in a rating of Russia's 1000 most professional managers, conducted by the Kommersant newspaper and the National Association of Managers. In 2006, he was awarded "Silver Archer" national prize as "Person of the year". In 2007, Pavel Teplukhin was awarded by the National League of Management Companies for a special contribution to the development of Russia's mutual fund market and named among the 20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management by Institutional Investor. He is a chevalier of the Tatischev Order for Service to Homeland.

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