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The Russia Forum received wide coverage in the leading federal, international, and regional press. A record number of journalists were in attendance. Over a span of three days, dozens of television reports were held, over 50 interviews were conducted, and commentaries were provided by key speakers.

In addition, a series of press briefings regarding the ongoing session topics was organized. Summaries of the Forum were included in more than 500 publications in Russia and abroad. In addition, a press tour through the Russian regions was organized.

Yoshka Fisher, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Counselor of Germany (1998 2005):

"I think that the Russia Forum is a very successful initiative to communicate not only at the official level, but also at the level of the business community and among a wider political spectrum. Russia is a very important force, an important economy, and we discussed at this Forum a future which includes all of us together."

Ruslan Tagiev, General Director at TNS Gallup AdFact:

"The Russia Forum will definitely give an additional impulse to the growth of Russias economy. That it was held in Moscow a global center of business and cultural life gives a complete picture of the status and significance of this event for its participants."

Evgeni Zaitsev, General Director at Kapital Asset Management:

"Questions concerning the current crisis in the global economy need to be more substantially discussed at the Russia Forum. The Davos Forum is a representative event. For us right now, practical tasks are more important. In terms of doing business in Russia, forums in Russia are more effective than the Davos Forum."

Prime -SS
"The Russia Forum was a place of big news and important economic announcements, a space of conferences and even presentations of the latest and newest technologies. A high level of interest was observed from not only the biggest names in Russias economy, but also from legendary individuals from the West. The organizers can take most of the credit for the fact that such big names as Branson and Alan Greenspan made presentations at the Forum. However, economic growth in Russia also played its role."

Delovaya Gazeta Vzglyad
"The Russia Forum was a gathering of major players in the world economy and political elites. The main topic was the Russian economy. According to an announcement made by Aleksei Kudrin, the Minister of Finances, Russias economy has taken seventh place in the world, having surpassed France sooner than expected. The Forums guests from abroad could only recognize the fact that Russias role in world economics and politics is literally growing before our very eyes."

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